Repo Men - Eric Garcia (Suspense/Sci-Fi)

Released March 2010 (Reissue)

This is not a new book. Repo Men was, in fact, released in 2009 under the title The Repossession Mambo. Now that the story is soon to be released in movie theaters, HarperCollins is reissuing the novel under the movie's title.

I've always preferred to read a book first and then see the movie. I like creating my own image of the character. Knowing the movie is coming out later this March, I'm curious to see how well Jude Law really does in the role of Remy, though while reading the book, I don't remember ever coming across the main character's name.

The story involves a man who works as a repo agent. In this case, he's not repossessing cars. The story is set in the future when Artiforgs are all the rage. To keep yourself alive, you can opt for artificial organs that are programmable and even remote controlled if you want to spend the extra money. The problem is the organs are expensive and interest rates are extremely high (think credit card max interest rates). If you fail to pay, your organ will be repossessed.

The hero of the novel reflects on his past while on the run from repo agents he once worked with. He's the one no longer paying his bills and to remain alive, he must outsmart those hunting him.

The novel was fascinating right up to the ending, though there were a few flashback scenes I rushed through to get back to the present. Characters are enjoyable and the action keeps you hooked. The story does jump back and forth between past and present, but much of the backstory is required to understand how the main character gets to where he is today.

Having finished the novel, I'm excited to see the movie but wonder how well it will translate to the big screen. I am happy the author also helped with the screenplay, that usually makes all the difference. In reading the main cast list, there seems to be one character either missing or maybe she's just been renamed. I'm hoping for the latter!


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