Lake Magic - Kimberly Fisk (Contemporary Romance)

Released January 2010

Following the tragic death of her fiance, Jenny Beckinsale's found it difficult to pick up and move on. The business they started together is faltering, but Jenny's not willing to give up. After all, the charter plane service sits on land that her family has owned for decades.

Jared Worth wants the money he loaned to his friend and that means pushing Jenny into selling the charter service. He expects to walk in to her life and stroll out with a check in hand, but things aren't going as he planned. If she waits any longer, the business will be worthless. But, given her hardheadedness, Jared's not going to let that happen, so he decides to make the most of his portion of the business and turn things around.

While Jenny and Jared seemingly can't stand each other, the more time they spend getting to know one another, the more they realize they can't stand being apart. Will the business ruin the friendship they're developing or can they really make things work?

Lake Magic is a sweet contemporary romance. There's enough sexual tension to keep the reader engrossed, but the couple never rush into anything either. There's also a sub-plot involving Jenny's sister who is losing not only her husband but also her teenage son. Unless Anna changes her work ethics, she could well end up alone.

This is author Kimberly Fisk's first novel. One aspect of the storyline wasn't wrapped up as nicely as I'd hoped. Maybe the author plans to return to Hidden Lake...


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