Fatally Flaky - Diane Mott Davidson (Culinary Mystery)

April 2010


The latest entry in Diane Mott Davidson's long-running Goldy Bear/Schulz culinary mystery series is, I think, one of her better offerings in a while, though there are still things I felt were left out. The past few books, to me, haven't lined up in terms of time frame. While the book series has been going on for 20 years and in that time, the characters have only aged 5 years, so in past books, I've gotten hung up on technology that really shouldn't exist yet. This time, references to  technology were minimal and realistic. Picky I know, but it's something that I can't help but notice.

This time around, Goldy is in the height of wedding season. One bride isn't so bad, but the other makes Bridezilla's look innocent. Frequent menu changes are driving Goldy nuts, and she's at her breaking point. When the Bridezilla shows up during the other wedding reception to announce she gave Goldy the wrong guest count, two days before the big event no less, Goldy's ready to quit. But, things take a quick turn when Goldy's godfather's best friend, Doc Finn, is murdered.

Goldy's determined to unravel the clues surrounding Doc Finn's murder. Between dealing with Bridezilla and trying to unravel this latest murder, Goldy has her hands full.

As a character, Goldy has more tenacity that I would. From the moment I was introduced to the Bridezilla, I was ready to strangle her myself. Why Goldy stuck with that particular job is beyond me. I would have quit!

I was able to solve the mystery far before it was unraveled. Maybe I'm just reading too many mysteries and becoming too aware of clues, but it didn't seem particularly tricky to solve. I was also a bit surprised that I never remember hearing about Goldy's godfather in the past. Maybe it's just been to long, but as important as he is in her life, I would have thought I'd remember him.

Nevertheless, Fatally Flaky kept me hooked and the recipes, as always are great. The only other downside I found was the exclusion of the recipes for a couple frequently mentioned dishes.

Throughout Fatally Flaky, Goldy discusses two key dishes on the Bridezilla's menu: New Potato Salad with Fresh Dill and Creme Fraiche and Crab Cakes with Sauce Gribiche. While I'm pretty sure I can find similar recipes, having both recipes would have been nice.


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