Cake Keeper Cakes - Lauren Chattman (Cookbook)

Released October 2009

Reviewed by Tracy Farnsworth

It's always been my firm belief that every child should learn how to cook. Beginners can help the adult with measuring, stirring and gathering ingredients. As a child ages, teach fraction based math skills by doubling recipes, chopping is easy for pre-teens and teens. My children are now teens and both can prepare their own meals following any recipe. This is an essential basic life skill that I think too many overlook.

Cake Keeper Cakes is great for adults and children. The recipes are easy to follow, I love the addition of color photos, but more than that, children simply love cake so they'll be excited to help in the kitchen. And, cake as an occasional treat is good for the soul.

Lauren Chattman has worked as a pastry chef. The book covers the essentials you need for your kitchen, including pans, ingredients and various other equipment. She also includes a breakdown of techniques to use when making the 100 cake recipes within Cake Keeper Cakes. Overall, the text is thorough and will suit beginners.

Cake Keeper Cakes is divided into sections that include:
  • Snacking Cakes
  • Round Cakes
  • Loaf Cakes
  • Bundt Cakes
  • Crumb Cakes
  • Springform Cakes
I love pudding cakes. I have a collection of recipes from chocolate to maple to lemon. When I spotted Lauren Chattman's recipe for Cinnamon Pudding Cake, I was overjoyed. That's the first cake we made and it was amazing! If you want something a little healthier, the Super-Delicious Whole-Wheat Carrot Cake is equally delectable.

Lavender and Lemon Pound Cake-It's a yearly Easter tradition here. I make a similar pound cake for breakfast and we all enjoy slices along side platters of fresh fruit for a light Easter breakfast.

There are dozens of recipes and all of them look intriguing. If you want to learn to bake or simply enjoy cook books, this is a great collection to own!


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