Bedtime Stories - Jean Johnson (Short Stories/Erotic)

Released April 2010

As soon as I glanced at the back cover, I knew I had to read Bedtime Stories. Jean Johnson's anthology takes the fairy tales we know and love and retells them in an erotic fashion. It's not as unusual as some might think, many of the original fairy tales were slightly erotic while others (particularly Brothers Grimm) were quite horrific.

I read the Frog Prince with glee. She does a great job turning that story into a story that captures very essence of a blossoming romance without ever seeming trite. I loved this story and think the author did a fabulous job retelling it.

The next story, The Courtship of Wali Daad, was new to me and probably will be for most readers. However, it's also very romantic and tells the tale of an older grass cutter who has spent his life saving his coins. He decides to use the money for a random act of kindness and that leads to a richly painted story of matchmaking.

After this, I started losing interest. Most readers will be delighted with the rest of the collection, but I really don't like sci-fi stories. Many of the remaining stories lean towards the sci-fi realm: The Princess on the Glass Hill, Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, Beauty and the Beast, even Sleeping Beauty. They just didn't grab me. However, those who do enjoy sci-fi will be thrilled with the retellings.

The story closes with two more fairy tale spin-offs. Puss in Boots leans towards paranormal/fantasy with talk of magic. I enjoyed seeing the story's leading character, Puss in Boots, changed to a woman. The final story, The King Who Heard a Joke, was also new to me and again very enjoyable and definitely steamy!


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