Ghost Radio - Leopoldo Gout (Horror/Suspense)

Released February 24, 2010

It's a fascinating idea. A late-night radio show where callers share their stores of the unnatural including ghosts, disappearing towns and other surreal circumstances. The basic premise in the book is that Ghost Radio is about to go syndicated and host Joaquin isn't prepared for the change that's about to ensue.

Joaquin knows a bit about the supernatural. He's survived two accidents that almost took his life. His best friend also survived one but died in the other. His show is big and going bigger, so when unusual calls start coming in to both the radio and to Joaquin at home, he can't help but drop everything to find out who this caller is and why he's so persistent, leading Joaquin to things even he'll have a hard time explaining.

Great premise isn't enough for me. I loved the opening and loved the radio callers' stories. I loved reading Joaquin's backstory involving the first and second accidents that nearly took his life. I enjoyed the relationships between Joaquin, his now deceased best friend and Joaquin's girlfriend. Once Joaquin's story turned to Toltec Christianity, I started to lose interest. The plot jumps confused me and I had to reread sections to figure out what I'd missed.

My advice with Ghost Radio is to definitely give it a shot. Even if you only read it for the stories of the unexplained, it's entertaining.


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    Here’s a sample of some of the raves “Ghost Radio” has received:

    “Ghost Radio reminded me of early Stephen King — Carrie and Pet Sematary and The Dead Zone. The story sticks with you long after you’ve finished the final page.”

    – James Patterson

    “A first novel that moves with deserved confidence into Stephen King territory … Palpable, almost visible cross-cultural creepiness that never lets up: very smart thrills.”

    – Kirkus Reviews

    “A deliciously creepy yarn … Gout’s fusion of radio-show culture and paranormal occurrences produces a winning compound.”

    – Booklist

    “A thrilling literary and visual experience, this contemporary ghost story set in Mexico is a fast-moving and enjoyable read. The story and writing style recall early Stephen King and Joe Hill’s Heart-Shaped Box.”

    – Library Journal


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