Cajun-Creole Cooking - Terry Thompson (Cookbook)

Released January 1987

It's Superbowl Sunday and given that the Saints are in it, I'm bypassing all chili and wings recipes and cooking up a Cajun storm. Around here, we love Cajun food, though some ingredients are difficult to find. Given that, I hit up the stores last night to try to find Andouille sausage, having to settle for Chorizo instead. Stocked with smoked ham, shrimp, mushrooms,fresh bread, plenty of tomatoes, rice and some pie crust, I'm ready to whip up some cornmeal pie, jambalaya, creamy mushroom bites and Creole shrimp.

The problem soon became finding my favored cookbook by Terry Thompson. While I'm not sure exactly how authentic the recipes are, I know they've never failed me. The problem was the cookbook was no where to be found.

Over the years, Cajun-Creole Cooking has become extremely tattered. The binding is long gone and the cookbook ended up getting into a mess of papers, but I did find it eventually. With the stove warming up, the cooking is about to start, which for me is the better part of the game. I have nothing against football, but sitting around for hours watching one game just isn't my thing. I'll be happier glancing in from time to time while I prep food and get cooking.

If you can find a used copy of Terry Thompson's book, enjoy it! Recipes are easy to follow, and I definitely have my favorites. The homemade bread that doesn't require kneading and uses a dash of vinegar to add acidity is fabulous. We also love the mushroom cream tart-like appetizers that have just the right kick of spice. The Jambalaya recipe is simple to make and even better to eat. I've never made the Creole Shrimp, but as it was a request from my son, I have everything ready to go and know the recipe should be a tremendous success as nothing from this book has failed me.

Enjoy the game!


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