Bundle of Trouble - Diana Orgain (Cozy Mystery)

Released August 2009


Diana Orgain's first mystery novel holds plenty of appeal with the Mommy crowd. The heroine, Kate Connolly, is a brand new mom and learning things about infants and parenting as she goes. Any woman with kids understands that feeling and it helps draw you to Kate's character.

Things start off on the wrong foot before Kate's daughter makes her appearance. Kate and her husband are snuggled in for a 49ers game when they get a call stating a body found in the bay might be that of Kate's brother-in-law. Kate's husband hasn't seen his troubled younger brother, George, in quite a while and last they knew he was living on the streets. When her water breaks right after receiving the call, they do all they can to push news of the call to the back of their minds.

After Laurie's birth, they learn that the body turned out to be that of a local restaurant owner, but no one knows why George's bag were found at the scene of the crime. After picking up the bag at the police station, Kate's car is vandalized and then her husband's is as well. When a P.I. comes knocking and then has a heart attack in front of her house, Kate finds herself hired as the P.I.'s replacement by the victim's mother to help solve the case.  pulled into the mystery surrounding her brother-in-law's disappearance and the murder of the restaurant owner.

She hates the thought of going back to work and leaving her daughter in daycare, so Kate starts to wonder if she has what it takes to be a private investigator. But before she can put that plan in action, she has a crime to solve and a daughter to dote on.

It's been 16 and 13 years since my babies was in their infant stages, yet I haven't forgotten any of it. I easily related to Kate, both with her struggles with sleep deprivation, parenting and emotions. Because she's so likable, it's hard not to enjoy every moment of Bundle of Trouble.

This is only the beginning. I'll be thrilled to see how Kate matures once her daughter starts sleeping a full night and her potential new career takes off. I loved Bundle of Trouble, so I'm eagerly awaiting Motherhood is Murder, coming in March.


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