Apple Turnover Murder - Joanne Fluke (Culinary Mystery)

Released February 23, 2010

If you've yet to read Plum Pudding Murder, I suggest you might want to refrain from reading the entirety of this review. There is a spoiler involved that relates to that previous book. In Plum Pudding Murder, Hannah is with her mother when a man from her past reappears in her life. The plot of Apple Turnover Murder continues that storyline.


If you've already read the previous book, or simply don't care to have part of the secret revealed. Here you go:

In Apple Turnover Murder, Norman has to go out of town, so Hannah's cat-sitting his cat much to her cat's delight. As she loses valuable bed space, she's also got a huge order in the works. The mayor's wife has asked her to create a thousand apple turnovers for a fundraising event. Not only has Hannah never made turnovers, she's not certain it's possible to create that many turnovers in a matter of days. With help from a few friends, Hannah and her bakery partner roll up their sleeps and get baking.

During the talent show part of the fundraiser, the mystery man from Hannah's past is killed. Once again, Hannah finds the body. This means revealing the truth about her past to some of those closest to her. With Mike's permission to do a little sleuthing, Hannah looks into her ex-lover's past and present hoping to reveal a killer.

Like always, I love the recipes provided in Apple Turnover Murder. Joanne Fluke's recipes are not low-cal, but they always come out tasting and looking fantastic. For the Crazy Cake, I didn't spray the pan with Pam first, as mentioned in a you-can-if-you-want tip, and am paying for it. The cake does not come easily out of my glass pan. I'd highly recommend using the spray and avoiding the hassle.

For long-time fans of the Hannah Swenson series, the romantic triangle is ongoing. I'm hoping that at some point Hannah will finally make up her mind - one or the other or start anew. Either way, I'm one of many readers who feels the triangle has run its course. Given the twist at the ending, maybe in the next novel we'll start to see that happening.


  1. I just found this series a few weeks ago and have finally gotten to this point in the series. I feel the love triangle has run it's course as well. I still don't like Mike for Hannah because he is actually trying to HIDE dating other people... at least she is up front about it. And this book sort of turned me off to Norman because he isn't being truthful with Hannah. ugh. But you did forget to mention this triangle is actually a square. I love Ross the best out of them all... but that may be because he's not really around so we can find his flaws.


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