The Would-Be Mommy (Harlequin)

Released February 2010

While Christmas is over, I still have my kids home, my husband's on vacation and I have family and friends popping by. Given that, I'm finding it hard to fit reading into my routine at the moment. With that, I received a Harlequin American Romance a few days ago. The good thing about Harlequin romances is that they are short and sweet. You know you'll get a happy ending and the books are easy to fit into a busy schedule.

I've always been a sucker for single parent storylines and that's what Jackie Diamond delivers. Only this time, the woman inherits a baby in an unusual manner.

Jennifer Serra is the PR director for Safe Harbor Medical where a recent press conference on the Safely Surrendered Baby law brings an infant into her life. The teen mother insists Jennifer must adopt her infant daughter and will only release the infant if Jennifer agrees. Jennifer suffered her own loss and would love to add a baby to her life, but the media attention is throwing her for a loop. She made mistakes in the past that might affect her chances with this baby.

Ian Martin is a reporter who becomes fascinated by Jennifer and the baby. When he wins a nursery full of baby furniture, he immediately donates it to Jennifer and the infant girl, but realizes that he needs to be part of their lives, if they'll have him.

Most romance readers know that romances must have a happy ending. Harlequin books may not be as meaty as some other romance novels, but they always deliver a satisfying match up. Jackie Diamond doesn't fail to deliver a tender story. For an hour of my time, I was swept away by Jennifer and Ian's romance. More books in the Safe Harbor series are scheduled, so I'll be happy to catch up with the couple in the months to come.


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