Who Killed the Pinup Queen - Toni L. P. Kelner (Mystery)

Released January 2010


The second installment in the Where Are They Now mystery series finds freelance reporter Tilda Harper tracking down former guest stars of a popular western television series. Cowtown's former producers decide to open a theme park dedicated to their series and they need former stars to help with fundraising and promotions.

Meanwhile, Tilda is also busy finishing up a story on pinup models of the 1950s. After interviewing one woman, she returns later to pick something up only to find the former model's body and a huge pool of blood. Someone killed the poor woman and Tilda soon learns that she may hold the key to solving the murder. The problem is that she doesn't know what the killer wants, and the killer will do what it takes to make sure Tilda doesn't figure it out.

Cozy mysteries are always great for a snowy day and we certainly got more than our share in this weekend's storm. With 22 plus inches covering my yard, I was happy to have something to take my attention away from what was happening outside. While I may live in Vermont, I generally loathe snow, people who cannot drive in it and anything related to cold. If I had my choice, I'd move south, but...

With Tilda, I have to admit I like her character's spunk. As a freelance writer, I easily sympathized with many of her issues. In this book, she meets a potential new beau and where that romance leads I won't say, but I will say I cheered her choices along the way.

Tilda's best friend is a gay married man (gay marriages are legal around here and the book is set in Massachusetts). Cooper is a riot and his attributes complement Tilda's. My concern is that he seems to fill the role as fashionista friend and I find that is becoming a cliche. I know many gay men and not all of them dress stylishly or enjoy shopping for the latest fashions.


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