Pieces of Sky - Kaki Warner (Historical Western Romance)

Released January 2010


I have my buddy Jen to thank for my interest in historical westerns. I hated history in school and avoided it in the romance novels I read. However, but after meeting Jen in an online book club, she gave me a number of authors to try because she knew I'd love them. She was right.

Truth be told, it's the cover art to Pieces of Sky that made me pick the book up and start reading. Forget the back cover blurb, the cover art said it all. Whoever chose that artwork needs a raise!

In Kaki Warner's new novel, Jessica Thornton abandons her sister in England hoping to find her brother who headed off to America with hopes of striking it rich in gold. Jessica is pregnant due to a horrifying event that she can't share with anyone. Instead, she makes up a story of being a widow.

In the New Mexico Territory, the stagecoach Jessica is riding crashes. Badly injured, he ends up at the ranch of Brady Wilkins, a man with a few secrets of his own. Together, the pair forge a new life, as he realizes he is falling in love and she starts to let down her guard. But can she trust him enough with the secret she needs to share?

I loved everything about this book. The characters come to life, nothing is easy for any of them and the author doesn't sugar coat things for the sake of an always happy storyline. The writing is gripping and keeps you interested from start to finish. Never once did I feel the need to skim pages due to a slow down in action.

I cried at times, laughed others and ended up hoping that the author revisits Brady and Jessica in the future. I'm assuming that might happen as a teaser for another Blood Rose Trilogy novel was offered.


  1. 100% AGREE! Great review!

    Love this book :)

  2. Hey, Tracy--thanks for the great review! And yes, I will be revisiting Brady and Jessica in the next two books. In fact I has such a hard time shutting Brady up, this trilogy became more of a three-part family saga. Glad you're enjoying it. Look for Hank's story, OPEN COUNTRY, in June


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