Mrs. Beeton's Book of Household Management (Non-Fiction)

Reissued August 2008

You must remember that the original Mrs. Beeton's Guide to Household Management was written in 1861. A lot has changed in terms of the roles of women. That said, if you want to see exactly what day to day life was like for a woman in Britain's Victorian era, this is a must read.

I actually have a copy of this given to me by my mum who figured since I was always borrowing her copy for the recipes, I should have my own. If you want authentic recipes for British classics like Christmas Pudding, pork pies or bangers, here is your book.

Obviously, the advice on child rearing, doctoring a sick family member and cleaning tips may not appeal to all. There is some truth in what she says. Other information, such as the colostrum that comes before your breast milk lacking nutrients and not beneficial to a newborn has since been proven wrong. I do agree that when someone is sick, they should be exposed to fresh air via an open window or a trip outside. As far as I'm concerned, remaining in bed where germs have congregated makes no sense.

Most of this book does contain recipes, but towards the end the recipes for homemade household cleaners and general cleaning tips are equally enjoyable.


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