It's All American Food - David Rosengarten (Cookbook)

Released 2003

While some may use cookbooks simply for cooking, I like to sit down and study them. David Rosengarten, a self-taught chef who's appeared in Gourmet magazine and Food Network, offers a unique look at the foods that play an integral part in American culture. Included are a slew of recipes from just about every ethnicity you could imagine and short introductions into that specific culture.

It's All American Food has been a favorite in this household. First, the recipes work. Not only do they really work, but they taste incredible. The recipe for homemade pork sausage is incredible and the only sausage that is eaten on a weekend morning now. We also love the recipe for Philly Cheesesteak Rolls and buttermilk pancakes.

Within David Rosengarten's thick book (more than 500 pages) are sections for Jewish cuisine, Chinese-American, Cajun, Penn-Dutch and more. Feeling like a cold is ready to strike, I've spent the time making Jewish chicken noodle soup and while it takes a lot of time, it's well worth your patience.


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