Coming Undone - Lauren Dane (Erotic Romance)

Released January 2010

Erotic romance is a genre I try to like because the story lines often sound intriguing but the delivery usually falls short. I realize that a bias is one of the biggest hurdles with this genre. I'm all for an erotic romance, but to me you can create an erotic story without relying on trashy language. Erotic romances tend to rely heavily on the trash talk and repetitive use of using crude terms during romantic scenes. I'm not sure why publishers, or perhaps authors, insist this is the only way to go, but they all do.

Given that, the storyline in Lauren Dane's Coming Undone appealed to me. I really wanted to read it. Overall, it's a fantastic story. Single mom Elise Sorenson escaped an abusive marriage with her young daughter and is trying to start a new life in Seattle. She meets sexy neighbor Brody Brown who spent much of his teen years raising his siblings after his parents' unexpected deaths. He's become a renowned tattoo artist and is ready for that next step in his life now that his siblings are older. Elise certainly appeals to him.

Elise hides secrets that make her fear no man could ever love her. Brody seems to enjoy spending time with her daughter. But she fears entering into another relationship when her last one ended up so horribly wrong.

I've read many romance novels in my lifetime and was surprised to find Elise was one of the first abused heroines that was able to move past her abuse with relative ease. This doesn't mean every angle was easy, but she didn't cower in the corner and that was refreshing. Elise and Brody together are simply mesmerizing and Elise's little girl adds to the charm.

With that, I would recommend this book. However, if you're like me and have issues with erotic romance meaning toss in vulgar terms, you'll have to get used to overlooking that aspect.


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