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Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Lock the Door by Jane Holland

Setting: Truro, England
Genre: Suspense/Mystery
Publisher: Thomas & Mercer
Release Date: January 2017

Meghan and Jon's world is torn apart when their newborn is diagnosed with a rare condition. Meghan fiercely protects the infant from the things that could end his life. One night the couple is hosting a dinner party in their back yard while seven-month-old Harry sleeps upstairs in the locked house. As the dinner party winds down, they discover their son is missing. He's disappeared into the night.

With her world shattered, Meghan does everything she can to find her son. Detectives may be busy looking into the disappearance of a number of babies in the area, but Meghan refuses to sit around waiting. She starts delving into those closest to them, which may bring things to light that Meghan will never be able to forget.

Lock the Door is a pretty gripping suspense novel. I was a little hesitant as there's another recent release, The Couple Next Door, that shares similarities. I feared I'd be reading the same general story. Thankfully, they are different enough that my fears were never substantiated.

My bigger issue is that I found the police work to be a little sloppy on the part of the investigators. I'm no detective, but I was surprised by how quickly they wrote off certain characters. The story does build quickly and keep you guessing. I wish I'd felt a stronger bond with the characters, but that wasn't to be. As a result, I liked Lock the Door, but I never loved it.

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