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Friday, October 28, 2016

The Next: A Novel of Love, Revenge, and a Ghost Who Can't Let Go by Stephanie Gangi

Setting: New York City
Genre: Suspense/Thriller/General Fiction/Women's Fiction
Publisher: St. Martin's Press
Release Date: October 18, 2016

I'm still not sure how best to classify The Next: A Novel of Love, Revenge, and a Ghost Who Can't Let Go. It is the debut adult novel from Stephanie Gangi, and it's definitely a unique plot.

Joanna DeAngelis never imagined the love of her life would be a much-younger man. She also never imagined he'd walk away. Now that she's dying, all she wants is to get revenge. She's furious that he moved on and found fame with his new girlfriend. As hours pass with her daughters and dog keeping vigil, when she does finally pass, she has her chance to get even before moving into whatever comes next.

I have to say that The Next became a little darker than I first imagined. It transformed from women's fiction to almost horror at times. I still liked it, but it wasn't what I expected and that threw me. I also found myself truly feeling sad for Joanna's daughters, who were struggling in their own rights, especially after she dies.

While the narrative was gripping, it was also depressing at times. This is why I found it so hard to classify exactly what genre I'd call it. It is part women's fiction with a touch of horror and suspense from time to time. It's definitely unique, but now that I'm done, I'm still not sure I loved it. I am dying to hear what other readers think!

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