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Monday, August 8, 2016

Arrowood: A Novel by Laura McHugh

I've been on a kick of reading books about missing infants or children recently. Arrowood: A Novel is another one.

After her father's death, Arden Arrowood learns the family estate is now hers. She gets both the Iowan estate home that sits on the banks of the Mississippi and a trust fund meant to cover the home's repairs and upkeep. Recent events at her college have Arden reeling for change, so she packs up her belongings and moves back to the estate she left many years ago.

When Arden was a young girl, her twin sisters vanished. Arden had been playing with them outside. She turned her back for just a fraction of a minute and the toddlers disappeared. The only clue police had was that Arden was sure she saw a gold car drive away and that she saw pale blonde hair in the backseat. That clue never helped police find her sisters, however.

Now that she's back, Arden teams up with the owner of an unsolved disappearances website. With his help and the help of her childhood friend, Ben. Arden sets out to uncover what really happened to her sisters. The thing is that in a close town like this, people are very good at ensuring skeletons remain hidden in closets.

I liked Arrowood. It's full of twists. I admit that the ending didn't shock me, but it still kept me guessing until the very end. I liked Arden's character. You get a full picture of who she is through flashbacks and present day actions. Her childhood friend Ben wasn't as likable to me, but a lot of that comes down to Arden's perceptions on them being a solid unit for ever, even when she left to go to college and he's had many years to form new relationships. That said, Josh (website owner and true crime writer) was another favorite character. He does have his own secrets, but that made him all the more appealing as you go to see what made him tick.

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