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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Since She Went Away - David Bell

Netgalley lists the release date as June 28th, while Amazon states it is the 21st. Either way, this is a gripping suspense/mystery that I recommend to fans of books like Clare Mackintosh's I Let You Go.

Unavoidable events kept Jenna Barton from meeting up with her best friend three months ago. Since that fateful evening, no one knows what happened to Celia. Nothing but one of Celia's diamond earrings was ever found. Jenna searches message boards seeking sightings, clues, and anything else that might help her unravel what happened to Celia. Soon, Jenna's son befriends a new girl at school, a girl with plenty of her own secrets that could be the break Jenna and the police need.

Really, Since She Went Away is two mysteries in one. I had part of the case pegged very early on. The other was a little more surprising and held my interest from the very moment the situation reveals itself. I stayed up far too late to see how things end.

The writing is fast and engrossing, while the characters are very likable, with the exception of the media who I am generally annoyed with anyway. This story could be taken from the pages of a newspaper, and the way the press handle it came off as very authentic - potential for a big break, aka money, vs. feelings and emotional well-being of those waiting for answers.

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