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Thursday, December 31, 2015

Welcome to Crossroads, Texas: Setting for Ransom Canyon

Jodi Thomas brings a new community to life in her August 2015 release titled Ransom Canyon. A number of characters get to tell their story in this atmospheric romance of sorts. There is a prequel that also came out in August, but at 50 pages, Winter's Camp sets things up at the Kirkland ranch and Ransom Canyon completes them.

Staten Kirkland does what his father did not do. Staten runs the family ranch, while his father is busy being a Washington politician. Staten loves his work, he loves his ranch, and it's always been the perfect distraction for Staten. You see, Staten's wife died years ago, and that tragic loss was followed by the death of Staten's son. The only thing keeping Staten from breaking down is his relationship with his deceased wife's best friend, Quinn.

Quinn's loved Staten for as long as she can remember. Being Staten's shelter in the storm is enough for Quinn. After all, she is being chased by her own demons.

Also earning his place in Ransom Canyon is Yancy Grey. Released from prison, Yancy is ready to start anew, but his first day out isn't ideal. Someone steals the backpack filled with the only belongings he has. When the elderly residents of Crossroads, Texas, take Yancy under their wing. He finds himself with friends, a job, a place to live, and a community that's making him feel like he's finally found a home. As he develops feelings for a local nurse, Yancy's past comes back and threatens all he's gained.

Finally, there's Lucas Reyes. All he wants is to earn enough money to go to college and follow his dreams. Saving the sheriff's daughter wasn't in the cards, nor was letting a peer take all the credit. Lucas doesn't care though, that one night has changed his life.

Throughout this MIRA release, you'll get to know each of these characters, as well as a number of other townspeople. I grew to love the town, and I definitely became fond of each character. Yancy is probably my favorite as he had the most to lose.

I've been a fan of Jodi Thomas for years, and I've enjoyed many of her historical and contemporary romances. This one had romantic aspects, but there was so much more to it. A bit of mystery, a touch of action, and characters I definitely want to see in future novels.

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