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Monday, February 2, 2015

The Missing Place by Sophie Littlefield

Release Date - October 2014

Sophie Littlefield
Gallery Books

Book Review by Jessica Maguire

What do Shay and Colleen have in common? Absolutely nothing, except that their sons are missing. Brought together by circumstance, the two women, one from the wrong side of the tracks in California and the other from a wealthy East Coast background, must find some common ground if they are ever to see their children again. 

Taylor and Paul are about as different as their mothers are. Taylor, outgoing, popular, and handsome, is in stark contrast to Paul's reserved manner and troubled past. Yet the two became friends while working on the oil rigs in North Dakota. And now they are missing.

Were they victims of an accident and cover- up in the unsafe working conditions of the oil company? Or was it something more sinister? With no help from the oil company or the police department, Shay and Colleen must do what they can to get any information they can about their boys and that proves to be easier said than done.

Author Sophie Littlefield offers a unique look into the psyche and the effects that extreme emotional stress can have on a person. The tension created between the mothers' handling of the situation creates a perfect drama, capturing the reader's interest and imagination.

I did get a little bored with the beginning of the novel and decided to skim the first half. But when the real drama began, and the story began to unfold, I slowed down, became enthralled, and did not put the book down until I had finished.

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