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Sunday, December 21, 2014

The Burning Girl by Lisa Unger

Release Date - November 25, 2014

Lisa Unger
Simon and Schuster

Book Review by Tracy Farnsworth

The second short story in Lisa Unger's Whisper Series, The Burning Girl skips forward a few years in the future. It's been 10 years since Eloise Montgomery's husband's and daughter's deaths. She's teamed up with Ray, the detective from the first Whisper Series story, and is now working as a psychic in his private detective company.

A couple of things have been weighing heavily on Eloise's mind. A trusted friend and mentor tells her her psychic abilities have come from her family, which leads Eloise to start questioning who she really is. It also leads to the discovery that Eloise's own granddaughter has those psychic abilities. There's also the appearance of a burning girl who Eloise's granddaughter and Eloise's mentor both say is dangerous and Eloise needs to get her to go away. Eloise isn't so sure and feels she needs to find out what this angry girl is trying to tell her.

This sets the stage for the second book in the series that I am really growing to love. I do have complaints. I wish the stories were longer. Just as I'm settling in, the story is coming to a close. I would love to see the Whisper Series become a full-length novel. I would also like to backtrack a bit and see Eloise's progression over the past few years, rather than suddenly skipping ahead a full decade.

That said, Lisa Unger's writing is fluid, and I really like her characters. I am eager to keep seeing where Eloise's cases take her.

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