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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

You Have to F*****g Eat by Adam Mansbach

Release Date - November 12, 2014

Adam Mansbach
Akashic Books

Book Review by Tracy Farnsworth

I clearly remember the brouhaha that occurred when Adam Mansbach released Go the F**k to Sleep. For some reason, people overlooked the clear notes that this book was adult humor and not intended for children. So I'll say it again, this is a humorous picture book for adults! If the four-letter F word on the cover doesn't clue you in, let this reminder serve as your warning.

Thankfully, my kids were not very picky eaters. I have kids who happily eat broccoli, cauliflower (especially mashed), and things like artichokes and asparagus. That said, I used to babysit a girl who refused to eat anything that wasn't yellow. Corn, chicken nuggets, canned chicken noodle soup, and boxed macaroni and cheese were it. It is with that experience that led to my enjoyment of You Have to F*****g Eat.

Once again set up as a picture book, the narrator becomes overly frustrated with a child that refuses to eat what is set in front of her. Illustrations are just as enjoyable and the narrative again paints the perfect picture. In all honesty, I did enjoy Go the F**k to Sleep more, but I think that's because it was new and unexpected.

Want to experience Adam Mansbach's latest for yourself? Check out Breaking Bad actor Bryan Cranston's reading of this humorous picture book at Audible.

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