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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

God Doesn't Love Us All the Same by Nina Guilbeau

Release Date - May 2014

Nina Guilbeau
Juania Books

Book Review by Tracy Farnsworth

God Doesn't Love Us All the Same bounces between past and present. It all starts with Janine Harris. She's about to leave work when she realizes she locked her wallet in the bank vault. She has no money to get home.  While wandering the streets, she comes across a homeless woman, Vera, and wonders how did Vera get to where she is today.

After inviting Vera to join her for a cup of coffee while she waits for her sister, Janine begins to learn of Vera's tragic upbringing. Vera's start in life was rife with tragedy and the harsh realities of racism, abuse, and murder would be obstacles that she alone needed to overcome.

I loved Vera's story. I admit at times errors in the story would catch my eye and pull me from the story, but I still wanted to know if Vera could forgive herself. These errors ranged from a situation with Vera where a guy was "pushing his ... deeper and deeper into his mouth." That should have been "her mouth," (pg. 164) and I'm surprised editing overlooked it. Another example (pg. 37) is "...district was very calmon Sundays, just tourist mostly-shopping and visiting landmarks." The paperback's price of $13.99 is a little much to ask given these and other errors I came across while reading.

That issue aside, Vera's life story is the reason I highly recommend this book. Janine was a bit of a whiner to me, but Vera stole the show.

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  1. Sounds like a good choice for my book club. Thanks for the review.