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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Game: A Thriller by Anders de la Motte

Release Date - December 2013


Book Review by Tracy Farnsworth

I'm going to start by admitting, I couldn't finish this book. I wanted to love it. I loved the  premise, it reminded me a little of the Michael Douglas/Sean Penn movie The Game, after reading the blurb. In the end, the main character is not just not likeable. As a slacker, I really couldn't find any interest in him or feel bad for him. I know a few slackers, and I have no respect for them, so that personal bias came into play.

The premise is this, HP is riding the train home after a long night of partying and generally being his true, obnoxious self. He finds a cell phone and a message directed to him asking if he wants to play a game. He agrees. The rules to this game are simple - the players must complete a series of challenges. As the game progresses, the challenges become much bigger risks and threatens those who are closest to HP. His ego, however, urges him to win, but winning means someone gets hurt.

It sounds great. Anders de la Motte's experience as a police office and head of security for an IT company gives him great insight into pulling off a masterful work, but not liking the character ended up being too much for me.

Others may have an easier time and really get into the story and not focus as much on HP. Given that, I recommend giving both Game: A Thriller, and the two other books in this trilogy a shot.

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