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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Snowblind by Christopher Golden

Release Date - January 21, 2014

Christopher Golden
St. Martin's Press

Book Review by Tracy Farnsworth

I suppose reading Snowblind in the middle of a storm that was dumping two inches an hour might not have been my best move. I grew up reading horror and little I read scares me, but Christopher Golden's story did get under my skin a little more than I intended. Snow and ice sliding off the solar panels, our deck gate clattering in the wind, and lilac branches rubbing against the garage certainly didn't help matters.

In a small town in Massachusetts town, a blizzard of immense proportions hits. Children spot icy, ghostly figures dancing on the wind. An officer's car is hit by an unseen force. People disappear. Since that day, the residents of Coventry have come to fear winter's grip.

Twelve years later, another storm is brewing. Jake Schapiro watched the icy figures pull his brother Isaac through a window before he plummeted to his death. That same night, Jake's mother's boyfriend, Niko, vanished without a trace. No one can believe it when both Isaac and Niko return with ominous warnings about the impending storm. These two are not the only ghosts returning to town. Soon, Coventry is caught up in a storm that could be more deadly than the first.

Christopher Golden drew me in with many incredibly likeable characters, a setting that reminded me of my own town, and then the creepy storm that by itself plays an important character, too. Had it been the middle of summer, I'm not certain this book would have scared me as much as it did, but when I was hearing the wind howl, tree branches rubbing against the siding, and snow sliding from the room, it added atmosphere and really made this one of the creepiest books I've read in years.

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