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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Contemporary Romance Review: Wedding Belles by Beth Albright

Release Date - August 2013

Beth Albright

Book Review by Tracy Farnsworth

I am so sad I missed the first book in the Sassy Belles series. It's on my list of books to find and read ASAP. Wedding Belles is part contemporary romance and part cozy mystery. That blend created a story that I was eager to get through in one sitting, even when life got in the way of my plans!

Vivi Ann McFadden is far enough into her pregnancy that size and Alabama's heat are getting to her. Her wedding to Lewis Heart is nearing quickly, and Vivi and her best friend Blake O'Hara Heart are in the midst of shower and wedding plans. Vivi's world starts to crash down when she learns Blake married another woman during a drunk night of dares back in college. They need to find this woman and get her to sign the annulment papers before Vivi and Lewis can get their own marriage license.

As an attorney, it's up to Blake to find this woman. But, Blake also has her hands full trying to keep up the ruse that she and her husband are still happily married, even though they're faking it long enough for him to win a senatorial race. Once that's over, Blake is free to move on to the true love of her life, a local homicide investigator. However, a nosy reporter, one with very close ties to Blake, wants the scoop and will do anything to get it.

Those two storylines mesh seamlessly in Wedding Belles. The book is packed with humor, sizzling romance, and even a dash of mystery as Blake and Vivi try to figure out what is going on with this mystery woman from Lewis' past. I cherished finding time to read the story and hated when I had to put it down!

In the end, I really want more. I am eager to find the first book and pick up the next in the series that's due out in time for Christmas.

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