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Sunday, July 14, 2013

The Last Kind Words - Tom Piccirilli

Release Date - April 2013

Tom Piccirilli

Book Review by Bob Walch

There’s not much to like about the Rands. The members of this clan of petty criminals have made a name for themselves but it wasn’t until Collie Rand went off the rails and killed eight people that the Rands made the big time.

Now Terry Rand, a smooth pickpocket and lock man, has been called home by his older brother. Facing the death penalty for his killing rampage, Collie claims that one of the murders was not of his doing. He insists the real killer is still out there somewhere and wants Terry to find the culprit.
Why he is willing to honor the request of a relative he abhors is a mystery, but Terry acquiesces. Drawn back into the schemes and lives of a group of folks he doesn’t really care for and ran away to escape, Terry is about to make some startling discoveries about his family. Some skeletons are better left buried, but it looks like a lot of the Rands’ dirty laundry is about to be aired.

One of the more inventive family sagas you’ll find in crime writing, this slightly bizarre, offbeat tale and occasionally humorous story will keep you reading because you probably haven’t come across a clan quite like this since the Corleones in The Godfather.

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