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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Close to the Bone - Stuart MacBride

Release Date - May 2013

Stuart MacBride

Book Review by Bob Walch

Not the place where you’d expect a crime wave of epic portions, but Aberdeen, Scotland, has an epidemic of sorts and it is driving Detective Sergeant Logan McRae crazy.
Someone is leaving little mementos, knots of bones, outside McRae’s house and that’s got him wondering what’s going on. Then there’s the gang war that just erupted in the North Scotland city, plus someone has been going after the local members of the Asian community and doing nasty things to them. 
If that’s not enough of a bother, two teenage lovers have suddenly gone missing. And, to top it all off, a corpse chained to a stake, strangled, stabbed and with a burning tire around its neck has also caught the attention of the Aberdeen press. I mean really, enough is enough. 
When a second body, similarly arranged at the crime scene, appears, McRae wonders what more could possibly go wrong. But then, that’s a question you don’t really want to contemplate because if you do, God knows what will happen!

The eighth book in this popular, gritty crime series, Close to the Bone not only features Stuart MacBride’s likeable protagonist and gallows humor, but it is also as graphic and unpredictable as its predecessors. The Highland setting is just an added bonus that lends these stories a wee bit of Scottish local color.

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