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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Go the F**k to Sleep - Adam Mansbach

Released June 2011

Adam Mansbach

Reviewed by Tracy Farnsworth

Go the F**k to Sleep is one of the year's funniest books. It's short and sweet, but it had me snickering from the first page. I know there will be some who completely misinterpret this as being a kid's book and become outraged, but it's clearly adult and offers a satirical look at both children's books and parenting. If you can't tell that it's for adults from the title, well then...

Ask any parent about what they loved about their infants, toddlers and young children and they'll give you a list of varying answers, but ask that same group what they hated and I guarantee bedtime rituals appears on that list. My son from the time he was three months felt that midnight to the crack of dawn were play times. Worse, he wouldn't nap in the day either, so why he was such a night owl baffled his pediatrician and my husband and I. Until he was eight months, I'd be the lucky winner who would have to be up with him. I know that between Eagles music, his favorite at that age, and my own silent chants of Go the F**k to Sleep those things were the reason I stayed relatively sane.

My daughter was better until at the age of 18 months she figured how to escape her crib and was also able to scale baby gates. We moved her to a twin bed and that led to difficulties getting her to stay in bed. Given all that, I know exactly how the couple in Go the F**k to Sleep feel!

The book is very short, just over 20 pages, but will make you laugh because you've been there. All I can say is it gets better!

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  1. "Anonymous" for the record I deleted your post solely for one reason. First, I don't care if your book is supposedly banned, I'm all for banned books. However, calling Adam's book "a souless, pathetic attempt at children's fiction" is the comment that got you banned.

    Take the time to read posts next time. Nothing about Adam's book is children's fiction. It's an ADULT humor book that celebrates, or bemoans more like, the struggles parents face getting their children to go to bed.