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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Sweetest Thing - Jill Shalvis

Released April 2011

The second entry in Jill Shalvis's Lucky Harbor series shares Tara's story. If you missed the first book, Simply Irresistible, click here.

Years ago, seventeen to be exact, Tara gave up a baby. She's never forgotten her child, but she knows that she made the best choice possible. At seventeen, she was not ready to be a mother. Now that she's been reunited with her then boyfriend, Tara's definitely not looking to have him back in her life. She wants to focus on opening the new bed and breakfast with her sisters and get to know them better.

Regardless, sparks ignite between Tara and Ford. Things are definitely bound to soar to new heights, until Tara's ex-husband comes to town. Logan's taking time off from NASCAR and not willing to give up without a fight. Tara's now stuck with two men battling over her and indecision as to what she really wants from her next relationship.

The Sweetest Thing does not disappoint. There are some surprises along the way. Tara's tough and doesn't back down from her own thoughts and fears easily. Yet, the more I read, the more I enjoyed the softness that Ford and Logan could pull from her. When she let down her guard, it was a real treat.

It's clear from The Sweetest Thing that Chloe, the youngest sister, is going to be fun. I can't wait for book three. Plus, I feel there's the potential for a fourth book if Jill Shalvis decides to go a few years into the future. I certainly hope she does!

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