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Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Hunchback of Neiman Marcus - Sonya Sones

Released April 2011

Reviewed by Tracy Farnsworth

I'm just over 40 and yet I connected with The Hunchbank of Neiman Marcus' main character on many levels. I don't know if I'm thrilled someone else has many of my thoughts and feelings, or if I'm sad that I'm getting older. Anyone with teens getting ready to leave the nest will definitely find a friend in Holly.

Holly is a writer with a serious case of writer's block and a looming deadline. Her baby is about to head off for college. Her mom fell, requiring hospitalization, and is now on steroids and suffering from 'roid rage and dementia. Plus, the hot flashes she's suffering now that menopause is hear are maddening. Top it all off with a husband who drives her crazy.

I can't relate to the menopause issues yet. However, I have that same husband who can open the fridge and ask if we have any milk, even though it's sitting right there in front of him. I share her bewilderment there. I also have a son who is heading off to college in the next year and a half. I have a daughter who is about to start high school, so she won't be far behind. And, I've definitely dealt with the struggle of trying to meet writing deadlines when the words just won't come. Worse, I've even looked up past boyfriends on Facebook just for kicks when I should have been working. For those reasons, I definitely related to Holly.

The Hunchback of Neiman Marcus is written as a book of prose. It makes you laugh one minute and then tear up the next. Each verse relates a little more of Holly's life. Some are a few pages long, while others are simply a few words. As a result, you blink and the book is over. It goes by that fast. There's definitely an entire novel here, more than 400 pages, but it flowed so smoothly that I was done in a couple hours.

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  1. Nice review! Funny, I have one of these too ...

    "I have that same husband who can open the fridge and ask if we have any milk, even though it's sitting right there in front of him."