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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Twelve Wicked Nights - Nadia Aidan (Erotic Romance)

Released November 2010

Attorney Isabella Andreu returns to her hometown shortly after her fiance announces it's over. The coward didn't even tell her to her face, he broke up with her via the phone. It's the holiday season and Isabella is ready to help out in her family's bakery and enjoy her time off.

Navy SEAL Justin Rourke has been friends with Isabella for as long as either can remember. When Isabella's mom calls him because she's worried about Isabella driving in the blizzard hitting Virginia, he sets off to find Isabella and bring her to his home.

Stuck in Justin's home for one snowy evening is incredibly difficult. A game of strip Scrabble leads them to realize they can't ignore their sexual yearnings. When Justin learns that he's about to be deployed, Isabella asks for one special gift. She wants Justin to provide her with every sexual experience possible.

For whatever reason, I couldn't get into Twelve Wicked Nights. It wasn't the characters; I actually liked their strengths and weaknesses. I think it was the fact that the different nightly sexual trysts (bondage, spanking, blindfolds, etc.) were the entirety of the plot. The plot simply revolves around the different styles of sexual encounters. I don't mind sex and I'm definitely no prude, but sex, sex and nothing but sex grew tiring. I couldn't see the couple building a true, lasting relationship just on the basis of sexual desires and little else.

There is a little conflict thrown in to the mix, but by that point the story had already lost me. I just didn't care about what each character decided after that.

If you want a story that involves little more than one sex scene after the other, you'll enjoy this book. If you like a strong plot with sex to spice things up, you may want to bypass this story.

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