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Sunday, August 1, 2010

When the Snow Flies - Laurie Alice Eakes (Historical Romance)

When the Snow Flies

Released August 24, 2010

Audrey Sinclair Vanderleyden is a fully trained and licensed doctor, but the town of Marysville isn't having any of it. She and her late husband bought the medical practice planning to run it as a team, but now he's dead. It doesn't matter that the drunken aging Doctor Hornsby sold his practice to A.S. Vanderleyden or that she has a written contract, he's not about to turn over his practice to a woman leaving Audrey to battle for her rights.

Doctor Nathan Maxwell can't practice following a gunshot wound to the head that robbed him of his sight. He'd always intended to take over the town practice, but now he's torn between his long-term friendship with Doctor Hornsby and his growing attraction to Audrey. As much as he'd like to help Audrey, he must help his friend keep his practice, even if that means hurting the woman he's come to love.

When the Snow Flies is a charming historical romance. I loved the pacing, the developing romance and the characters. I was a little put off by a few characters' reactions to having a woman doctor, even after she proves she is far more talented than their current doctor. Those aspects made me want to climb into to book and shake some sense into some of them.

This gentle romance is perfect for those who don't like graphic sex in their novels or teens who enjoy romance but don't find themselves loaded with options. It's a short, yet very fun read.

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