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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Last to Die - Kate Brady (Romantic Suspense)

Released September 2010

Detective Dani Cole finds herself investigating the murder of a former prostitute, a young girl Dani had personally helped get off the streets.  Dani's been dealt one blow after another. Her father, a dirty cop, shot himself just feet away from Dani's room, and this murder case is Dani's return to the force. Things don't go exactly as planned when the killer targets Dani and she's pulled from duty once more.

Photojournalist Mitch Sheridan and Dani share a romantic past. When Mitch's business associate disappears, Mitch comes back to town. While police suspect the partner may have killed the former prostitute, Mitch knows there is no way. He's determined to reunite with Dani and get her help solving this case, as well as keeping the woman he once loved safe.

I do love a gripping romantic suspense. Kate Brady delivers just that with the right amount of sexual tension and a cunning, psychotic killer. I was drawn into the action from the start, as the story does move seamlessly between a number of character's keeping you on your toes.

However, despite the frequent shifts in viewpoint, I did find myself figuring out the killer's identity before it was revealed. Given that, there were still parts that I didn't quite get, so that kept me interested in reading the outcome.

All in all, fans of romantic suspense should enjoy every minute of Dani's story. Last to Die kept me reading far into the night because I simply wanted to see justice served.

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