Keep Me Afloat by Jennifer Gold

Release Date - March 3, 2020

Abby Fisher never planned to return home, but she's a marine biologist and her grant money ran out. She's home and needing to start over. The problem is that five years ago, she left her town after her marriage ended and her life was in shambles. Returning home isn't ideal, but she has no where else to go.

Back at home, five years has clearly changed her and those she loves. Her parents aren't the same. Her friends have moved on and are starting or trying to start families after building careers. She's still dreaming of a job that puts her out on the ocean and also pays a regular income. All of this starting over isn't going to be easy when she can't seem to let go of her past.

Keep Me Afloat drew me in. It's told in past and present. You get to meet Abby and her friends. You fall in love with her coastal town. You also slowly start to see what happened to change her life. Part of it ends up being a surprise that I didn'…

Book Blog: We Didn't Ask For This by Adi Alsaid

Special thanks to Inkyard Press for inviting Roundtable Reviews to be part of the book tour for We Didn't Ask For This. The message in this story is one I have very strong feelings for, and it's a current event most people are aware of. If you know who Greta Thunberg is, you'll understand the importance. Look for Adi Alsaid's novel on April 7th.

Marisa Cuervas has one goal. She wants people to take the importance of helping to save the oceans seriously. To do so, she gets a few friends to join her in a lockdown. Each of the friends and Marisa chains themselves to a school exit/entrance. Until Marisa's demands are met, no one will be allowed in or out.

This act angers some students. It's the one night of the school year that they're allowed to take over the school. It's a night where some students see their plans for the evening go awry. From the boy who finally has the courage to reveal his feelings to his crush. One hopes to prove she's just as go…

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The Other Mrs. by Mary Kubica

Release Date - February 18, 2020

The Foust family moves from their busy lives in Chicago to a remote Maine island. Sadie's a doctor who will be very busy seeing patients. Her husband is going to step things up and be a stay-at-home dad as he adjusts to becoming the guardian to his teen niece. When their neighbor is murdered one night, Sadie cannot help but worry. A witness claims she was arguing with the victim before the murder, Sadie knows she was busy seeing patients.

As the ties between her family and the victim start to come to light, she becomes more desperate to keep her family safe and fit into a community that doesn't seem to love having this family of interlopers on their island.

I adore Mary Kubica's novels. They're always packed with plenty of chills, unexpected twists, and excellently penned suspenseful plots. I ended up predicting one of the twists in The Other Mrs. way too early. While I still read every page, I found that knowing one of the big twists …

The Sea Glass Cottage - RaeAnne Thayne

Release Date - March 17, 2020

If you missed the release of The Sea Glass Cottage yesterday, you need to take a closer look at this touching contemporary romance. Thanks to HQN Books for inviting me to be part of their blog tour. I've been a fan of Ms. Thayne's for a while, and this is one of her best.

After her mother is injured in a fall, Olivia Harper opts to head back home to a place she thought she'd never see again. The timing is right as she's just experienced an event that's left her shaken. Her teenage niece is not pleased to see her. Her best friend is, however, and her friend's brother is also back in town and sparking age-old flames. She returns determined to keep the true reason for her sudden return secret.

Olivia is not the only one hiding something. Her mom knows something that she hasn't revealed to her daughter or niece. While it's something they should know, she doesn't have the heart to tell them. Olivia's niece was raised by…

Ten Days Gone by Beverly Long

Release Date - February 18, 2020

In the first A.L. McKittridge novel, detectives A.L. McKittridge and his partner Rena Morgan are working long hours trying to stop a serial killer. Four women are dead, exactly 10 days apart, and there seems to be no link between the women.

Once they do find the link, time is quickly running out. They only have a link as to why the women are connected, but the killer's identity is still a mystery that they must solve if they're to keep the next potential victim safe.

That's the mystery, but there's a lot more to this story. A.L. is divorced with a teen daughter. She's starting to make some wrong choices. Teen or not, his role as a dad is to keep her safe, but the long hours he's working are making that difficult. Rena and her husband are trying desperately to have a baby, and the infertility treatments are all too consuming. Her husband is pulling away and she fears he's having an affair, but she can't push work aside t…

Safe House by Jo Jakeman

Release Date - March 10, 2020

Charlie Miller is new to town. She hopes the decaying beach cottage she's purchased will give her a new start. You see, she used to be known as Steffi and is fresh out of prison where she's served her time after providing a false alibi for the love of her life.

Despite her new name, new look, and new home, she has the feeling that someone is lurking in the woods. Someone is determined to make sure she's not allowed to start fresh and have her happily ever after.

The very first chapter begins with a woman's death and the police detectives saying they should have done more. That sets the stage for the novel that is told when Charlie is Steffi and after the release from prison. There is a good deal of creepiness, mainly due to the area and the unusual townspeople who Charlie befriends, but it is developed slowly in such a way that you do keep guessing. Is someone really after Charlie or is all in her head? lf someone is after her, how did th…